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Custom Home Theater

Close the drapes, dim the lights, and get ready for a sound and viewing experience like never before! With merely the touch of a button, you and your family will comfortably settle into the middle of a true, sound-proof, state-of-the-art theater atmosphere. From start to finish, our architects, interior designers and electronic technicians work closely with you to build the perfect home theater for your family’s needs. (When complete, however, it’ll be up to you to kick off your shoes and enjoy the show!)

Smart Home

Smart Home Integration

Are you sitting down?   Well, you might want to be, because we think we are going to simply amaze you with what a Smart Home can do for you! Wait until you see the integration technology and design that can enhance your life … home theater entertainment, new millennium security features, rich sounding audio systems, and mood enhancing lighting control – remote controlled… all do-able with any, inexpensive, simple, easy-to-read tablet or smart phone

Lighting / shades

Lighting Control - Auto Shades/Blinds

With just the touch of a button, you can quickly and easily light a scene anywhere in your home for a romantic evening, movie theater entertainment, brightness for guests gathering in your kitchen, or professionally lit outdoor décor. No more traveling from room to room or from light switch to light switch to get the job done.

We all know that nothing defines the personality and beauty of your home more than its lighting. And no-one makes it easier to create superior one-step lighting control than Techni-Home

lights blinds.JPG

Security Systems / Cameras

How would you like an security system that lets you know via e-mail that your children have arrived home safely from school? Or one that lights a path for you when you are arriving home in the dark? Did you forget to close your garage door on the way out? We’ll do it for you! The technology is here, and we at Techni-Home will have you saying “Good-bye” to that “old-school” burglar alarm of the past. Let our Smart Home integration amaze you with a world of comfort and convenience for the ultimate in safety, security, and peace of mind. 


Distributed Audio / Surround Sound

Turn every room in your home into a spectacular audio experience with an easy-to-configure remote-controlled home audio system. Enjoy satellite radio out by the pool, wall-mounted keypads control areas independently of each other. Using only the latest audio technology from the world’s most recognized names in electronics, Techni-Home will create for you a perfect personalized, dependable home sound experience. You’ll love the ease and convenience of our superior equipment control, you’ll be beyond amazed at the crystal-clear sharpness and sound quality of your system.  


Structured Wiring / Wifi / Networking 

Distributing all audio/video and communication services, providing the low voltage link between integrated technologies. The core of a structured wiring system is the Structured Media Center. The “SMC” distribution panel is the solution for organizing and managing basic and advanced communication and home. Technology is moving FAST! We see it every day on the Internet in the vast number of banking and shopping opportunities, with satellite interactive television, and high-speed cable. This, of course, means that in order to “keep up” in the world of everyday living, we need equivalent technologies in our home to help move us into the future.

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